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Herbarium GB

Herbarium GB is a division of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. Dried plant material is stored here for comparative studies within systematic botany.

The origins of the Herbarium date back to the end of the 1700s. At that time, the first collections formed a part of a “Naturalie Cabinet” that belonged to the Royal Science and Vitterhets-Community. In the year 1926 the Botanical Gardens, with Carl Skottsberg as the superintendent, took over the herbarium from Göteborg’s museums. In 1961 when Göteborgs University established a botanical institute the collections were transferred over to it. Since 1995 the herbarium has been physically located at the botanical institute, now the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

The collections comprise a total of ca 1.6 million specimens, of which ca 1.4 million are vascular plants. The remaining samples are mosses, algae, fungi, lichen, and slime molds. The collections reflect to a large extent the research that is currently being or has been carried out at the Department. In addition to the large collection of Nordic material, it also contains extensive collections from the Middle East, Mediterranean and tropical South America. The latter collections mirror more than 40 years of research activities pursued by the Department and the following families are particularly well represented: Asteraceae, Cyclanthaceae, Heliconiaceae, Marantaceae, Rubiaceae och Scrophulariaceae s.l.
The cryptogam section of the herbarium collections features, among other things, an internationally sizable record of wood-decaying fungi, primarily polypores and corticioid taxa (brackets and resupinates, respectively).


Director of the Herbarium Claes Persson
Senior Curator of Fungi Ellen Larsson
Director of Fungi Henrik Nilsson
Department Administrator Ewa Batorowicz
Curator of the Herbarium Claes Gustafsson


The herbarium has received a grant of 88.000 dollar from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for scanning type material.

The Herbarium has received a donation of 7.500 specimens of fungi from Leif och Anita Stridvall. Photos of many of the collections can be found at http://www.stridvall.se/la/

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