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Plant Systematics and Biodiversity

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Workshop August ´13.

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Historically, botanical research in Gothenburg focused on Neotropical taxonomy, angiosperm biosystematics and systematics of corticoid fungi. Along with development of molecular systematics in the 1990s these research programs gradually evolved into their present form addressing topics such as phyloinformatics, biogeography, molecular ecology, and biosystematics, the latter incorporating models from population genetics. Plant and fungal collections in Herbarium GB and Gothenburg Botanical Garden are important assets for the group.  High-throughput sequencing forms a much-used research implement in many ongoing projects in the group, and a Linux cluster, Albiorix, for data analysis is maintained. Applied research on bioaerosols, their dispersal, health impacts, and monitoring techniques is also part of the research area.

Current members of the group

For email, use forename [dot] surname [at] bioenv.gu.se

Alexander Zizka PhD Student
Alexandre Antonelli Associate Professor
Bengt Oxelman Professor
Bente Eriksen  Senior Lecturer
Bernard Pfeil
  Associate Professor
Björn Aldén Associated Researcher
Cajsa Anderson Associated Researcher
Christine Bacon Post Doc
Claes Gustafsson Herbarium curator
Claes Persson Director of Herbarium
Elisabet Sjökvist Researcher
Ellen Larsson Director of Fungi
Eva Batorowicz Departmental administrator
Filipe de Sousa PhD student
Graham Jones Associated Researcher
Gustavo Heiden Guest PhD student
Henrik Nilsson Associate Professor
Jonna Eriksson Master's student
Lars Arvidsson Adjunct Professor
Marcela da Silveira Guest PhD student
Mari Källersjö Professor
Mats Havström Associated Researcher
Mats Töpel
Associated Researcher
Robert Daun Research Engineer
Roger Eriksson Researcher
Ruud Scharn
Master's student
Uno Eliasson Professor emeritus
Vivian Aldén Technician
Yann Bertrand Post Doc
Ylva Heed Technician
Zeynep Aydın PhD student
Åslög Dahl Researcher

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