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Systematik & biodiversitet

Biological systematics is the study of diversity in living and fossil organisms. The theory of evolution, which unifies modern biology, emerged from systematics. An important aim of systematics is to analyze and synthesize information derived from global biodiversity studies into a predictive classification system that reflects the history of life.

In Gothenburg, diverse eukaryotic organisms such as birds, clitellate worms, flowering plants, basidiomycete fungi, and many other groups are studied. Research questions span from why diversity patterns vary among the world’s biota to detailed studies of the evolutionary relationships among closely related species to gene family evolution. New tools for metagenomics and phylogenetics are being developed by researchers in the group to aid species identification, delimitation, and automatic generation of phylogenetic trees from public databases.

We have strong local infrastructures available for the generation of genome-wide DNA sequence data, bioinformatics, as well as a herbarium storing millions of plants, algae and fungi collected globally. We also cooperate with the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg and Gothenburg Museum of Natural History.



Present members

Alexander Zizka, PhD Student, (Biodiversity patterns, Africa - South America, Savanna ecology)
Alexandre Antonelli, Professor (Biogeography; Macro-evolution; Nootropics)
Allison Perrigo, project coordinator
Andrés Cortés, Researcher
Anna Ansebo, Research engineer
Athanasios Athanasiadis, Associated Rresearcher
Bengt Oxelman, Professor (Species delimitation, Polyploidy, Sileneae)
Bernard Pfeil, Associate Professor (ancient hybridisation, paralogy, NGS)
Camila Duarte, PhD student
Christer Erséus, Professor Emeritus
Christian Wurzbacher, Post Doc
Christine Bacon, Postdoctoral research fellow
Claes Gustafsson, Herbarium curator
Claes Persson, Director of Herbarium
Daniel Edler, Research Assistant
Daniele Silvestro, Postdoctoral research fellow
Ellen Larsson, Director of Fungi
Erik Thorelli, Research assistant
Ewa Batorowicz, Departmental administrator
Graham Jones, Associated Researcher
Henrik Nilsson, Associate Professor
Inger Wallentinus, Professor Emeritus
Jonna Eriksson, PhD student (Hybridisation, polyploidy, Pavonia)
Lars Arvidsson, Adjunct Professor
Mari Källersjö, Professor
Mats Havström, Associated Researcher
Mats Töpel, Associated Researcher (bioinformatics, chloroplast evolution, diatoms)
Mårten Eriksson, Research Assistant
Patrik Cangren, PhD student
Pavel Matos, Post Doc
Robert Daun, Research Engineer
Roger Eriksson, Researcher
Søren Faurby, Postdoctoral research fellow
Sten Svantesson, PhD student
Svante Martinsson, PhD
Tobias Andermann (was Tobias Hoffmann), PhD Student
Urban Olsson, Associate Professor
Uno Eliasson, Professor emeritus
Urban Nordenhäll, Research assistant
Yann Bertrand, Associated researcher
Ylva Heed, Research assistant
Åslög Dahl, Researcher

Previous members
Elisabet Sjökvist, Researche
Filipe de Sousa, PhD
Isabel María Liberal González, Guest PhD student (Evolution, Speciation and Systematics)
José Luis Blanco Pastor, Post doc (population genomics, gene flow, local adaptation)
Zeynep Aydın (now Zeynep Toprak), PhD

Sidansvarig: Sven Toresson|Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-06-12

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