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Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre Annual Meeting


Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre (ggbc.gu.se). The centre is made up of 13 partners from across Western Sweden, two of which are us: BioEnv and Marine.

We are now reaching the end of our first year in existence, and we will be celebrating with our First Annual GGBC Meeting: a lunch to lunch event on Dec. 4-5 at Hörsalen in Botan. We will have lunch provided both days for those who sign up (by emailing Allison) by November 24th, though everyone is welcome to attend the talks, even without RSVPing.

This is a great chance to learn about the biodiversity-related outreach and research going on outside of our corner of the university! Come and meet some new people and learn about what they are doing while expanding your network. The meeting is open to ANYONE interested in the centre or biodiversity in general.

The preliminary schedule:

Monday Dec 4: 11.30-17.00
Welcome and centre information
Meet the partners:
Dept of Energy & Environment, Chalmers
Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Gothenburg Museum of Natural History
Havets Hus
Herbarium GB
Dept of Marine Sciences, GU
Dept of Earth Sciences, GU
Maritime Museum and Aquarium
Universeum Science Centre
Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences, GU
Centre for Sea and Society
Nordens Ark
Linneaus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology (CeMEB)

Tuesday Dec 5: 8.30-13.30
Meet our advisory board:
Minna Panas, Swedish biology teachers¿ association
Anna Stenström, VG region administration
Hugo deBoer, ForBio research school and University of Oslo
Klara Jansson, Gothenburg city environmental Management
Communicating science with Jonas Stenström, Untamed Science


And finally, to stay updated on general GGBC happenings please join our mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ggbc_gu/join

Datum & tid: 2017-12-04 kl 11:30 till 2017-12-05 kl 13:30

Kategorier: Naturvetenskap

Plats: Botanhuset, Carl Skottbergs gata 22 B

Kontaktperson: Allison Perrigo

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