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Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

at The Faculty of Science

Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences
PO Box 463
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Medicinaregatan 18 A, 405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address: Medicinaregatan 18, 413 90 Göteborg

Web Page: www.bioenv.gu.se
Email: bioenv@bioenv.gu.se

Head of Department: Henrik Aronsson

About the unit

At the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences (BioEnv) we conduct research and education within most areas of biology and envoronmental sciences. We are ca 140 employees, half of which are scientists and teachers and the rest fairly evenly distrubuted between administrative/technical staff and PhD-students.

You find the department at three locations: in the Botanical building close to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, at Zoologen on Medicinareberget and at Kristineberg in Fiskebäckskil (part of the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Infrastructure).


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Latest publications

A complete time-calibrated multi-gene phylogeny of the European butterflies
M. Wiemers, Nicolas Chazot, C. W. Wheat, O. Schweiger, N. Wahlberg
Zookeys, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Astacopsidrilus hibernicus sp. nov. (Phreodrilidae, Oligochaeta, Annelida) from Irish peatlands
R. M. Schmelz, Mårten Klinth, R. Wisdom, T. Bolger
Chapter in book

Telomere length varies substantially between blood cell types in a reptile
Mats Olsson, N. J. Geraghty, E. Wapstra, M. Wilson
Royal Society Open Science, Journal article 2020
Journal article

A 450 million years long latitudinal gradient in age-dependent extinction
Daniele Silvestro, S. Castiglione, A. Mondanaro, C. Serio, M. Melchionna et al.
Ecology Letters, Journal article 2020
Journal article

New species and reports of Cuphophyllus from northern North America compared with related Eurasian species
A. Voitk, I. Saar, D. J. Lodge, D. Boertmann, S. M. Berch et al.
Mycologia, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Biogeographic tools help to assess the effectiveness of protected areas for the conservation of anurans in the Mantiqueira mountain range, Southeastern Brazil
M. A. Peixoto, Thaís Guedes, E. T. D. Silva, R. N. Feio, P. S. R. Romano
Journal for Nature Conservation, Journal article 2020
Journal article

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Name Title Phone Email
Adamsson, Marie Senior lecturer +46 31 7863752 marie.adamsson@bioenv.gu.se
Aliti, Geoffrey Research assistant geoffrey.aliti@gu.se
Alvord, Charlotte Doctoral student +46 31 7863674 charlotte.alvord@bioenv.gu.se
Andermann, Tobias Doctoral student tobias.andermann@bioenv.gu.se
Andersson, Malte +46 31 7863695 Malte.Andersson@zool.gu.se
Andersson, Mats Education officer +46 31 7862688 mats.andersson@bioenv.gu.se
Andersson, Staffan Professor +46 31 7863647 staffan.andersson@bioenv.gu.se
Ansebo, Anna Research engineer +46 31 7863655 anna.ansebo@bioenv.gu.se
Antonelli, Alexandre Professor +46 31 7862557 alexandre.antonelli@bioenv.gu.se
Aronsson, Heléne Project coordinator helene.aronsson@bioenv.gu.se
Aronsson, Henrik Professor, Head of Department +46 31 7864802 henrik.aronsson@bioenv.gu.se
Arrhenius, Åsa Principal research engineer +46 31 7862625 asa.arrhenius@bioenv.gu.se
Asker, Noomi Researcher +46 31 7863685 noomi.asker@bioenv.gu.se
Asmonaite, Giedre Doctoral student giedre.asmonaite@bioenv.gu.se
Axelsson, Michael Professor +46 31 7863689 michael.axelsson@bioenv.gu.se
Backhaus, Thomas Professor +46 31 7862734 thomas.backhaus@bioenv.gu.se
Bacon, Christine Senior lecturer +46 31 7865167 christine.bacon@bioenv.gu.se
Batorowicz, Ewa Institutionsadministratör ewa.batorowicz@bioenv.gu.se
Bererhi, Badreddine Doctoral student badreddine.bererhi@bioenv.gu.se
Berggren, Anna Administrative manager +46 31 7864896 anna.berggren@bioenv.gu.se
Birgersson, Lina Doctoral student lina.birgersson@bioenv.gu.se
Bjorkman, Anne Senior lecturer +46 31 7862547 anne.bjorkman@bioenv.gu.se
Björnsson, Björn Thrandur +46 31 7863691 thrandur.bjornsson@bioenv.gu.se
Blomqvist, Donald Researcher +46 31 7863460 donald.blomqvist@bioenv.gu.se
Book, Frida Doctoral student +46 31 7862911 frida.book@bioenv.gu.se
Bornmalm, Lennart Senior lecturer +46 31 7862844 lennart.bornmalm@marine.gu.se
Broberg, Malin Doctoral student malin.broberg@bioenv.gu.se
Brookman-Amissah, Marianne Doctoral student marianne.brookman-amissah@bioenv.gu.se
Burns, Gavin Philip Doctoral Student gavin.philip.burns@gu.se
Cangren, Patrik Doctoral student patrik.cangren@bioenv.gu.se
Carillo, Juan David Postdoctor juan.david.carillo@gu.se
Carney Almroth, Bethanie Senior lecturer +46 31 7863673 bethanie.carney@bioenv.gu.se
Casties, Isabel Research assistant isabel.casties@bioenv.gu.se
Celander, Malin Professor +46 31 7863693 malin.celander@bioenv.gu.se
Cheregi, Otilia Researcher otilia.cheregi@bioenv.gu.se
Clarke, Adrian K Professor +46 31 7862502 adrian.clarke@bioenv.gu.se
Corcoll Cornet, Natàlia Senior lecturer +46 31 7864807 natalia.corcoll@gu.se
Costa-Pierce, Barry Professor, gäst barry.costa-pierce@bioenv.gu.se
Dahl, Åslög Researcher +46 31 7862664 aslog.dahl@bioenv.gu.se
Dahllöf, Ingela Professor +46 31 7869333 ingela.dahllof@bioenv.gu.se
Damasco Do Vale, Gabriel Postdoctor gabriel.damasco.do.vale@bioenv.gu.se
Damasco Do Vale, Gabriel Postdoctor gabriel.damasco.do.vale@bioenv.gu.se
Daun, Robert Research engineer +46 31 7862654 robert.daun@bioenv.gu.se
de Jong, Geerte Doctoral student geerte.de.jong@bioenv.gu.se
Deyanova, Diana Researcher +46 31 7869509 diana.deyanova@bioenv.gu.se
Duarte, Camila Postgraduate Student +46 31 7863890 camila.duarte@bioenv.gu.se
Dukic Marinkov, Emilija Doctoral student emilija.dukic@bioenv.gu.se
Dupont, Sam Senior lecturer +46 31 7869531 sam.dupont@bioenv.gu.se
Dusenge, Mirindi Eric Eu-postdoc (marie curie) mirindi.eric.dusenge@bioenv.gu.se
Egardt, Jenny Research engineer +46 31 7862935 jenny.egardt@bioenv.gu.se

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Showing 2091 - 2100 of 2260


Anatomical studies on selected species of Viola (Violaceae)
N. Yousefi, S. S. Mehrvarz, Thomas Marcussen
Nordic Journal of Botany, Journal article 2012
Journal article

Inferring species networks from gene trees in high-polyploid North American and Hawaiian violets (Viola, Violaceae).
Thomas Marcussen, Kjetill S Jakobsen, Jirí Danihelka, Harvey E Ballard, Kim Blaxland et al.
Systematic biology, Journal article 2012
Journal article

Environmental risk assessment of chemical mixtures -a reflection on the state of the art, knowledge gaps and the need for improved chemical regulation
Thomas Backhaus
Invited lecture at the mixture woskhop at the FRAM centre, Tromsö, Norway, Conference contribution 2012
Conference contribution

The threshold of (eco)toxicological concern: a suitable tool for mixture risk assessment and ranking?
Thomas Backhaus
Oral presentation at the SETAC World conference, Berlin, Germany, Conference contribution 2012
Conference contribution

Some challenges for classical mixture concepts - TTC's and interactions in a mixture context
Thomas Backhaus
Invited lecture, RIVM, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, Conference contribution 2012
Conference contribution

Toxicological and ecotoxicological assessment of micropollutant mixtures: concepts, approaches and empirical evidence
Thomas Backhaus
Invited lecture NORMAN Network Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Conference contribution 2012
Conference contribution

Risikobewertung von Chemikaliengemischen in der Stoffzulassung und Umweltgefährdungsabschätzung: Stand der Dinge, neue Entwicklungen und Perspektiven.
Thomas Backhaus
Invited Lecture, Environmental Agency North-Rhine Westfalia, Essen, Germany, Conference contribution 2012
Conference contribution

The threshold of toxicological concern (TTC) - a suitable tool for mixture risk assessment and ranking?
Thomas Backhaus
Invited lecture at the annual meeting of the Irish Toxicologial Society, Dublin, Ireland, Conference contribution 2012
Conference contribution

Showing 2091 - 2100 of 2260

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