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Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

at The Faculty of Science

Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences
PO Box 463
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Medicinaregatan 18 A, 405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address: Medicinaregatan 18, 413 90 Göteborg

Web Page: www.bioenv.gu.se
Email: bioenv@bioenv.gu.se

Head of Department: Henrik Aronsson

About the unit

At the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences (BioEnv) we conduct research and education within most areas of biology and envoronmental sciences. We are ca 140 employees, half of which are scientists and teachers and the rest fairly evenly distrubuted between administrative/technical staff and PhD-students.

You find the department at three locations: in the Botanical building close to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, at Zoologen on Medicinareberget and at Kristineberg in Fiskebäckskil (part of the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Infrastructure).


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Latest publications

Environmental influences of life history strategies in partial anadromous brown trout (Salmo trutta, Salmonidae)
M. Nevoux, B. Finstad, J. G. Davidsen, R. Finlay, Q. Josset et al.
Fish and Fisheries, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Established and emerging techniques for characterising the formation, structure and performance of calcified structures under ocean acidification
Susan Fitzer, Vera Chan, Yuan Meng, Kanmani Chandra Rajan, Michio Suzuki et al.
Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review 57, Boca Raton, FL, USA, CRC Press, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Invasive brook trout disrupt the diel activity and aggregation patterns of native brown trout
Nicolas Larranaga, Magnus L. Wallerius, Haoyu Guo, J. Cucherousset, Jörgen I Johnsson
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Seawater acidification and temperature modulate anti-predator defenses in two co-existing Mytilus species
H. Kong, J. C. Clements, S. Dupont, T. Wang, X. Huang et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Male-male fighting, dominance, and mating in Epicrates assisi (Serpentes: Boidae) in captivity
Thaís Guedes, A. Guedes, S. M. De Almeida-Santos
Phyllomedusa, Journal article 2019
Journal article

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Name Title Phone Email
Molau, Ulf Professor +46 31 7862665 ulf.molau@bioenv.gu.se
Morgenroth, Daniel Doctoral student daniel.morgenroth@bioenv.gu.se
Nilsson, Henrik Senior lecturer +46 31 7862623 henrik.nilsson@bioenv.gu.se
Nordenhäll, Urban Research assistant urban.nordenhall@bioenv.gu.se
Nordqvist, Ola Doctoral student ola.nordqvist@bioenv.gu.se
Olsson, Catharina Senior lecturer +46 31 7863677 catharina.olsson@bioenv.gu.se
Olsson, Lilioth Study administrator +46 31 7863641 lilioth.olsson@bioenv.gu.se
Olsson, Mats Professor mats.olsson@bioenv.gu.se
Olsson, Mikael Associate researcher +46 31 7863774 mikael.olsson@bioenv.gu.se
Olsson, Urban Professor +46 31 7863453 urban.olsson@bioenv.gu.se
Oxelman, Bengt Professor +46 31 7862678 bengt.oxelman@bioenv.gu.se
Panas, Minna Doctoral student +46 31 7863039 minna.panas@bioenv.gu.se
Parkkonen, Jari Research engineer +46 31 7863449 jari.parkkonen@bioenv.gu.se
Perrigo, Allison Project manager +46 31 7862529 allison.perrigo@bioenv.gu.se
Persson, Claes Senior lecturer +46 31 7862692 claes.persson@bioenv.gu.se
Pleijel, Håkan Professor +46 31 7862532 hakan.pleijel@bioenv.gu.se
Quatela, Anne-Sophie Eu-postgraduate student (marie curie anne-sophie.quatela@bioenv.gu.se
Reurslag Gärdenäs, Annemarie Senior lecturer, Biogeophysics, Biogeochemistry, Process-oriented dynamic modelling, Forestry, Agric... +46 31 7866663 annemieke.gardenas@bioenv.gu.se
Roques, Jonathan Researcher jonathan.roques@bioenv.gu.se
Sandblom, Anton Doctoral student anton.sandblom@bioenv.gu.se
Sandblom, Erik Professor +46 31 7864548 erik.sandblom@bioenv.gu.se
Sayol, Ferran Researcher ferran.sayol@bioenv.gu.se
Schagerström, Ellen Postdoctor +46 31 7869527 ellen.schagerstrom@bioenv.gu.se
Sillanpää, Kirsikka Eu-postgraduate student (marie curie kirsikka.sillanpaa@bioenv.gu.se
Silvestro, Daniele Postdoctoral research fellow daniele.silvestro@bioenv.gu.se
Sircar, Triranta Doctoral student +46 31 7862512 triranta.sircar@bioenv.gu.se
Spetea Wiklund, Cornelia Professor +46 31 7869332 cornelia.spetea.wiklund@bioenv.gu.se
Strömberg, Dan Senior lecturer +46 31 7862990 dan.stromberg@bioenv.gu.se
Sturve, Joachim Professor +46 31 7863688 joachim.sturve@bioenv.gu.se
Sundell, Kristina Professor +46 31 7863671 kristina.sundell@bioenv.gu.se
Sundh, Henrik Researcher +46 31 7861262 henrik.sundh@bioenv.gu.se
Svanberg, Linda Research engineer +46 31 7869530 linda.svanberg@bioenv.gu.se
Svantesson, Sten Doctoral student +46 31 7862684 sten.svantesson@bioenv.gu.se
Thorndyke, Michael Adjunkt Professor
Tiselius, Peter Professor +46 31 7869539 peter.tiselius@bioenv.gu.se
Torres Jimenez, Maria Fernanda Postdoctor maria.torres@bioenv.gu.se
Uddling Fredin, Johan Professor +46 31 7863757 johan.uddling@bioenv.gu.se
Ventura, Alexander Eu-postgraduate student (marie curie +46 31 7869535 alexander.ventura@bioenv.gu.se
Wallentinus, Inger Professor emerita +46 31 7862702 inger.wallentinus@bioenv.gu.se
Wallgren, Linnéa Study counsellor +46 31 7862527 linnea.wallgren@bioenv.gu.se
Wallgren, Linnéa Study counsellor +46 31 7862527 linnea.wallgren@bioenv.gu.se
Wallin, Göran Senior lecturer +46 31 7862620 goran.wallin@bioenv.gu.se
Wallin Peterson, Margareta Professor margareta.wallin@gu.se
Warwas, Niklas Doctoral student niklas.warwas@bioenv.gu.se
Wassmur, Britt Research engineer +46 31 7863625 britt.wassmur@bioenv.gu.se
Werme, Linda Laboratorieass +46 31 7863631 linda.werme@bioenv.gu.se
Wikhall, Bodil Administrator +46 31 7863660 bodil.wikhall@bioenv.gu.se
Wilow Sundh, Clara Human resources officer +46 31 7863660 clara.wilow.sundh@bioenv.gu.se
Wittemann, Maria Doctoral student maria.wittemann@bioenv.gu.se
Wulff, Angela Professor +46 31 7862628 angela.wulff@bioenv.gu.se

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Biodiversity seen through the perspective of insects: 10 simple rules on methodological choices and experimental design for genomic studies
Pavel Matos Maraví, C. D. Ritter, C. J. Barnes, M. Nielsen, U. Olsson et al.
Peer J, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Reproductive Biology of the Fossorial Snake Apostolepis gaboi (Elapomorphini): A Threatened and Poorly Known Species from the Caatinga Region
H. B. Braz, K. N. Kasperoviczus, Thaís Guedes
South American Journal of Herpetology, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Low frequencies of supernormal clutches in the Southern Dunlin and the Temminck's Stint
V. M. Pakanen, Donald Blomqvist, T. Breiehagen, L. A. Flodin, O. Hilden et al.
Ardea, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Sounds of Nature in the City: No Evidence of Bird Song Improving Stress Recovery
M. Hedblom, Bengt Gunnarsson, M. Schaefer, I. Knez, P. Thorsson et al.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Showing 71 - 80 of 2064

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