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Mats X Andersson

Undergraduate studies administrator
Associate professor in Plant Cell- and molecular biology

Tel: 46 (0)31-786 2688
E-post: mats.andersson@bioenv.gu.se
Fax: 46 (0)31-786 2560

Mats Andersson is an associate professor in Plant Cell- and Molecular Biology since 2013 and is employed as a coordinator for undergraduate studies. In this function I support the directors of undergraduates studies and the prefect in planning the manning of courses and general undergraduate studies at the department.

I lead the Plant defense group and supervise the PhD students Per Fahlberg och Oskar Johansson.

I defended my PhD thesis with the title ”Lipid trafficking: into, within and out of the chloroplast”in Plant Physiology in 2004. After the dissertation I continued as a post doc at GU for about two years and then in Copenhagen for two years. I was employed as an assistant professor at the department between 2008 and 2013.


Teaches on undergraduate level in plant physiology and cell biology










My research deals primarily with how plants recognize and defend themselves against microorganisms. In particular, my research deals with the role of phospholipases and oxidized membrane lipids in defense against microorganisms.

In addition to plant pathogen interactions, I also have a number of other collaborations. Currently I work part time at the department of Clinical Sciences to set up methods for quantification of steroid hormones in children. I also contribute with analysis of lipids, fatty acids, phytohormones and xenobiotics for several other groups.







Link to publications in GUP

"Lipid trafficking: Into, within and out of the chloroplast"



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Mats Andersson

Genes which arrange resistance

Barley powdery mildew hyphae growing on the surface of an Arabidopsis leaf. This should not be possible, since Arabidopsis is completely resistant to barley powdery mildew. However, if three separate defence genes are knocked out in the plant non-host resistance breaks down.

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