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Bengt Oxelman


Tel: 031-786 2678
E-post: bengt.oxelman@bioenv.gu.se
Fax: 031-786 2560

Education field

Plant systematics, phylogenetic methodology


The flowering plant group Sileneae (Caryophyllaceae) serve as model group for a bioinformatic project which integrates taxonomic, phylogenetic, and molecular information. In this project, we combine several gene phylogenies in order to infer phylogenetic relationships at the taxic ("species") level. The phylogenies form the basis for the taxonomic decisions. By studying several, putatively unlinked genes in concert, we are able to detect reticulate phylogenetic patterns, for example ancient hybridizations at homoploid level or allopolyploidy. From the phylogenetic perspective, more general questions, such as the evolution of dioecy and gynodioecy, colonization of isolated island groups and the Arctic, as well as comparive studies of the evolution of reproductive characters can be studied. Our long-term goal is a total taxonomic revision of all the ca. 750 species in Sileneae, and to continuously publish the results via the database. Initially, we choose groups where the above-mentioned general problems can be studied. Cases where reticulate phylogenies are suspected are given special attention.

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Current projects

Species classifications, trees and networks from gene trees (funded by VR).

Phylogenetic networks from gene trees in allopolyploid Fumaria (funded by Carl Tryggers stiftelse and Nilsson-Ehle-donationerna

       Publications in GUP

Curriculum vitae

• Professor in Systematic Botany, University of Gothenburg, since 2007-01-01.
• Professor in Systematic Botany, Uppsala University (060101-080731)
• Docent in Systematic Botany, Uppsala University 2000
• Senior lecturer/associate professor (“universitetslektor”) Systematic Botany, Uppsala University (980901-051231)
• Junior researcher ("forskarassistent") Systematic Botany, Stockholm University (970301-980831)
• Postdoctoral fellow, Systematic Botany, Uppsala University (960901-970228).
• University lecturer, Systematic Botany, Göteborg University (960501-960531, 950401-950930)
• Senior research engineer, Systematic Botany, Göteborg University (951001-960331)
• Postgraduate fellowship (doktorandtjänst), Department of Systematic Botany, Göteborg University (900701-941015)
• Teaching assistant, museum technician, laboratory technician, pollen analyses, computer consultant and programmer, Department of Systematic Botany, Göteborg University (870701-900630)

• Ph.D. (Filosofie doktor), 1995, Systematic Botany, "Systematic Studies in the Genus Silene L. (Caryophyllaceae) — Morphological and Molecular Approaches." Göteborg University 1995. Supervisor: Magnus Lidén
• Postdoctoral fellow, Systematic Botany, Uppsala University (960901-970228) in Birgitta Bremer's research group.
• Visiting scientist at the Botany Department, University of Washington, USA, April-June 1998, January 1999, June 2000, May 2001.
• Invited participant at the Isaac Newton Institute programme “Phylogenetics”, Cambridge University, UK (November 2007)

• Awarded Roséns Linnépris i Botanik (300000 SEK), Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet, Lund, 2007

• Main supervisor for:
o Magnus Popp, PhD degree 2004.
o Per Erixon, PhD degree 2006.
o Frida Eggens, PhD degree 2006.
o Bozo Frajman, PhD degree 2007.
o Anja Rautenberg, PhD degree 2009.
o Anna Petri, expected PhD degree 2012
o Stephan Nylinder, expected PhD degree 2010

• Co-supervisor for six completed PhDs and three current students.
• External examinator of Thomas Marcusen’s Dr. Philos. dissertation, Oslo University, 2003, Mulatu Galeta, SLU, 2007-05-11. Member of numerous PhD dissertation examination committees in Sweden (2-3 per year since 1998).
• Major research grants from the Swedish Research Science Council (VR) from 1998-present (200,000-850,000 SEK annually), and from The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences, and Spatial Planning (FORMAS) 2002-2008 (520,000-850,000 annually).
• Accepted invited speaks at e.g.
o “Systematics of Tomorrow”, University of Wageningen 2010-07-02
o Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo, 2008-10-07
o Vivi Täckholm memorial symposium, Cairo University, 2008-05-05
o School of Computational Sciences, University of East Anglia, 2008-03-18
o School of Plant Sciences, Oxford University, 2007-11-15
o ESF Exploratory Workshop: New tools for biodiversity conservation through the advancement of phylogeographic methodologies. University of East Anglia, UK, 2006.
o XVII International Botanical Congress, Vienna, 2005.
o Silene/Microbotryum meeting 2004, Mountain Lake, Virginia, USA.
o Phylogenetic Combinatorics and Applications meeting, Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics, Uppsala university, 2004.
o the Caryophyllaceae colloqium, Botany 2002 meeting, Madison, USA.
o Most Swedish and many international departments in Systematic Botany and related subjects

• Co-organizer of the Lamiales symposium, XVI International Botanical Congress, 1999
• Member of the organizing committee for the "Species Plantarum 250 years" conference, Uppsala 2003.
• Co-organizer of the symposium “When is a hierarchical model not appropriate in plant systematics”, ESEB XI, Uppsala 2007

• Member of the evaluation panel for Ecology and Systematics, VR 2007-2008, 2010
• External expert evaluator of the National Centre for Bioinformatics, Oslo university, Norway 2002-2006
• Expert evaluator for e.g., VR, FORMAS, the Research Council of Norway, the Research Council of Denmark, Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlischen Forschung, Austria, and the National Science Foundation, USA.
• Expert reviewer for most of the leading scientific journals in systematics, molecular phylogenetics, and related subjects

• Responsible for the post-graduate education programme in Life Sciences, University of Gothenburg 2008-
• Member of the Board of Faculty of Science, University of Gothenburg, 2009-
• Member of the Board of the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, 2009-
• Member of the Board of the Department of Evolution, Genomics, and Systematics, Uppsala university, 2004-2006
• Member of the Board of the Museum of Evolution, Uppsala university, 2004-2006
• Member of the Board of the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM) 2004-2006
• Member of the recruitment committee, Section of Biology, Uppsala University, 2003-2006
• Member of the Board of the Department of Evoutionary Biology, Uppsala university, 2002-2003
• Chair of the Swedish Systematics Association, 2008-


Foto av Bengt Oxelman
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