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NOSI: The Non-model Organism Sequencing Infrastructure

On this site we intend to collect information about the NGS projects that are or have recently been pursued at NOSI and thus create a platform where fellow researchers can find updated information about the current progress of NGS at BioEnv.

The Non-model Organism Sequencing Infrastructure (NOSI) primarily focuses on work related to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of non-modeling organisms. NOSI currently consists of laboratory space at the Botan and Zoology buildings, a Bioanalyzer TapeStation (necessary for quality assesment, shared with other BioEnv Research groups), the computer cluster Albiorix with system manager (Mats Töpel), and one coordinating technician (Lovisa Gustafsson).

The laboratory infrastructure includes equipment and personnel for DNA/RNA extraction, quality assessment, and preparation of NGS samples.

The computer cluster Albiorix is used for sequence assembly, annotation, and other downstream analyses, and bioinformatic support in terms of system management and sequence analyses is available via the Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences (BILS).

Genome-wide sequence data are becoming increasingly available for non-model organisms due to the rapid development of NGS techniques. In order to be at the international research front in many biological disciplines, it is necessary to have direct access to the latest NGS developments. As these primarily are made on model organisms, it is important to develop a link for non-modeling researchers to avoid delays due to difficulties in applying standard protocols for non-model organisms.

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