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Michael Axelsson

Zoologihuset, Medicinaregatan 18A-B


Professor, zoophysiology

Tel: 46 (0)31-786 36 89  | michael.axelsson@gu.se



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Spring 2017

Back from a six week long research at Palmer station William Joyce is still at Palmer and will continue the experiments until the end of July. I had to get back since I am the local contact for the SEB conference that will for the first time be held in Gothenburg

This project involved a lot of modifications both for equipment, the respirometers had to designed for the morphology of the fish based on input from the first field season in 2015, see a 3D representation of the design.

The catheters that we use for measuring blood pressure at various locations had to be modified from what we normally use in most temperate living red-blooded species.

When I left we well into the experiments on the fascinating icefish  first the Chaenocephalus aceratus (picture to the left) that lacks both hemoglobin and myoglobin and also some other species (Chionodraco rastrospinosus and Champsocephalus gunnari) that lack hemoglobin but in some cases have myoglobin. William will finish of these studies and also work on the Notothenia coriiceps, a red-blooded species that we acclimate to a higher temperature.


Here is a link to Palmer’s web cam

Interesting development in the area 

Giant iceberg set to calve from Larsen C ice shelf

Read the project description


Vetenskapsfestivalen 2017

Mikro-skåpet from last years was used again on this years event again in collaboration between Göteborg & Co, department of Biological and Envionmental Scieneces at University of Gothenburg and AstroSweden.


Oculus Rift project

I am looking for a student that would be interested in degree project with the focus to implement and evaluate the use of head mounted displays (Oculus Rift) in microsurgery training.

This project is part of the Swedish Microsurgery Academy in Gothenburg and the ongoing developmental and testing of new and innovative tools and teaching methods

Download the project description

View of the lab,

Username = Guest
Password = microsurgery


 3D printing in science


I will give a seminar about the use of 3D printing with a demonstartion of a ZYYX printer. I also still have some license for the program Spaceclaim that is available on request


Follow the different projects and download SpaceClaim or STL files.



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